Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer is almost here

 Wearing a lovely summer cardigan knit with Noro Eisaku Melody yarn,  a luxurious blend of cotton, silk and'll soon be too hot for any cardis, but on the train you need a wee wrap because the air conditioning is drastic. 
 The cardigan pattern is called Tanrenga by Svetlana Volkova, and it's available for purchase in Ravelry. Meanwhile I'm contemplating another testknit cardigan in Melody, blue this time with lots of feminine frills...I bet the dogs hate me by now, although I still make time for homemade soup and walkies...not to mention the visits to the vet for heartworm medication and brushing and grooming, washing the doggie bedding...and all the other things that make a dog's life pleasant and fun!
Photos by Lelantos

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

English Setter Origami

Sherlock turns his back,
 Claire declares it delicious…
Original Origami copyright Japan Afghan Hound Rescue Rie Yahashi.

Friday, April 20, 2018

2year Rescue Anniversary

Sherlock has been with us two years now, and he's grown luscious and plump, able to calm himself (at times!) with headshakes and sit, ears flapping wildly and expecting some stroking to take his mind off the excitement. He's great at the doorway now and knows to sit on the mat waiting for his turn to get his collar put on, still not perfectly calm at the gate where he cavorts and barks in a frenzy, but it's a whole load better than when he came. 
A huge thank you to Gundogrescue CACI who brought us this little bundle of nervous energy straight from the pound two years ago...a leaping Polunin, a frenetic Sherlock Holmes, so eager to please and so totally subjugated by a previous demanding owner, hugging the ground in fear of being kicked or chastised, bursting out of his sausage skin in every direction vocal, brain in overdrive, hyper. 
Serendipitously I found the perfect boucle yarn, Rainbow Loop, for Sherlock's ears. There's a great slow food cafe with gorgeous herb dyed yarns at Yumeya  in Nasu on our doggie holiday.Much thanks to Cherie Marie Leck for generously sharing a beautiful Puppy Love hat pattern which I adapted to make it look somewhat like Sherlock, or rather seven Sherlocks in all. He's wearing a name tag (mother of pearl buttons) so he never gets lost or abandoned again, our little furever darling.