Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hunting...nothing like it for excitement! Too hot during the day, so the early morning is the only time to get out and about. All this excitement while Mummy is still snoozing...
 For the cats, up is a safer option: the trees offer refuge, and a place to taunt the silly canines disturbing the morning peace...
 Photos by Lelantos

Friday, July 24, 2015

Before and After

People often comment on how beautiful and unusual our setters are...just a reminder that a rescue doesn't look nearly as happy, confident and relaxed in the beginning...scared, tense, guarded, obsequious, hesitant, dehydrated, undernourished, as they begin to feel confident and at home with tender loving care, they begin to look like their true selves.
 Don't buy a puppy from a store, their mother is like Chiaro di Luna, washed up, starved, bred too young, and abandoned when she's developed tumors from the stress of her life. You can save her instead, a sweet loving angel who'll lick your feet and wheedle food out of you in a twinkling with her adoring eyes.
 Don't buy that boisterous cute bundle of energy from the pet store, and then drive him mad with abuse, neglecting to walk him out of laziness, aghast at the amount of food he needs and the size he's growing into:don't restrain and beat him when he barks and jumps for joy at other dogs, or throw things at him in punishment for wrecking the that he can no longer walk, the muscles in his legs have atrophied, he is afraid of a tossed toy...You can save this abandoned baby, and with Nobunaga, you can feel the joy of his complete trust and intelligent communication, playing by synchronizing his outbreath with yours, and hand over paw over hand over paw games, and  you can talk him into doing whatever it is you want if you just sit down and take the time to make him feel respected and loved. Sit back and watch his inspired loving interaction with other dogs of all sizes and ages, such a joy to behold.
 Don't get a puppy when you're too old, and your spouse and family won't realize the level of perfection you have worked so hard to create: a hunting trained, experienced, intelligent, sensitive and mature creature- so they take her to the pound when you can no longer care fore her, with never a second thought, where she's so afraid she gets labelled aggressive...Rescue an older dog instead, and gain Lady Claire: gain her trust with training and running together and sharing new experiences, learn to hear what she's saying, and together you can enjoy the perfect and wonderful dog she is.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

House and Garden

 I actually managed to get up early this morning and went round the park with the babies, after which the ladies had a shower, so I thought Luna was feeling lazy and sleepy...
 ...until I began to hang out the washing,and the babies followed me out. Our green curtain is thriving, giving us shade, and in a few days even perhaps, delicious sustenance.
 Luna gets such a focused, hunting look when she does the rounds of the garden, it's quite cute, she's such a dreamy baby in the house.
 Claire of course is always stylish, her hair particularly white and fluffy from the shampoo. Unfortunately Luna had some fleas in her tail and buttocks, which a good lathering of shampoo and my nimble fingers dealt with, so I've had to wash all the bedding too. I can't see any on Nobu or Claire, thinking of doing a round of Frontline if necessary, but I'll give it a go with some essential oils first.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tennyson Dog

 It was the time when lilies blow
And clouds are highest up in air
 She went by dale and she went by down 
With a single rose in her hair
 Why come you drest like a village maid,
That are the flower of the earth?
He laughed a laugh of merry scorn, 
He turned and kissed here where she stood,
We two will wed tomorrow morn
And you shall still be Lady Clare.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

This Family

Luna has a foot feels really nice when she licks my feet after a long day, quite the professional pedicurist. Meanwhile as the typhoon passes through it's another day in the house and Claire is trying on Midsummer Night's Dream costumes...Titania?
 You guys are embarrassing, says Nobu...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Evening walkies

Stopped on the way home to admire the most beautiful blossom on the low hanging tree framing Chiaro di Luna. I love these spiky delicate plants, and what a gorgeous color heralding the splendid sunset colors to follow.
  I also took a couple of mugshots of the babies while I was at it..
 Now we're back home and it's time for a late supper, when I can get over my aching feet and sweaty hot body...I think I'll lay spread out on the floor like the dogs to cool off.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


From rain to a heatwave, walkies are still limited by the weather...these were taken a couple of days ago when it was still rain drizzle downpour, but the colors come out really nicely when the air is washed clean and the flowers are refreshed. 
 I'm busy with end of terms, so no particular outings to the sea or the mountains or dog runs even until things are wrapped up...then perhaps we can organize another play date.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chiaro di Luna

 The adorable marine summer doggie t-shirt is from Motomachi Boutique for Dogs, a wonderful store (who incidentally also take the best portrait photos of  your pooch when you visit!) full of the most amazing eye-candy for teeny weeny fashionista dogs, but sometimes in the sale season they have stuff in sizes for my babies. Of course even then prices are fashionista, but it's worth every penny for the satisfaction of seeing your sweetie look gorgeous...melt your heart lip-licking summer cool licious Luna!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waiting for the sun...

Just taking advantage of a moment to admire my babies...who are just waiting for some quality time, an excursion, a wee walk, anything to whet the appetite and make the day seem worthwhile...
 Even though the garden door is open, everything is so wet, nobody is out and about except the crows, who seem terribly hungry lately and even break open the poop bags in their increasingly desperate search for food. 
This last pic is heavy, I couldn't bring myself to edit it down, the amount of background and colors seemed perfect. Nothing like an amateur playing around with some quality equipment...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In Memoriam

Every Star Festival my thoughts go back to my first setter, Sofie, such a special sweetie. I feel she watches over Chiaro di Luna, and will come for her when it is her time so she has some loving company going over the Rainbow Bridge. Passionate, was my Sofie.
     Meanwhile me and Claire had a date she'd rather not, just the two of us driving over to the vet for her annual vaccination. She loves climbing up on the passenger seat and staring dreamily at me as I drive, and I love stroking her when the lights are red. Very soothing. I'm glad I got it over with, it's been nagging at me these past few weeks. Lady Claire is coming up for her fourth anniversary with us, and apart from the fact that she's an adorable tubsy with a slight sedimentation in her bladder which is the reason for her occasional wee accidents around the house, she has a complete clean bill of health.
     The family enjoyed a lull in the rain to poddle round the big park...everything green and luscious and damp, with more rain hanging low in the clouds...Chiaro di Luna is as ever on the go!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Incessant Rain

Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.  Mark Twain