Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In Memoriam

Every Star Festival my thoughts go back to my first setter, Sofie, such a special sweetie. I feel she watches over Chiaro di Luna, and will come for her when it is her time so she has some loving company going over the Rainbow Bridge. Passionate, was my Sofie.
     Meanwhile me and Claire had a date she'd rather not, just the two of us driving over to the vet for her annual vaccination. She loves climbing up on the passenger seat and staring dreamily at me as I drive, and I love stroking her when the lights are red. Very soothing. I'm glad I got it over with, it's been nagging at me these past few weeks. Lady Claire is coming up for her fourth anniversary with us, and apart from the fact that she's an adorable tubsy with a slight sedimentation in her bladder which is the reason for her occasional wee accidents around the house, she has a complete clean bill of health.
     The family enjoyed a lull in the rain to poddle round the big park...everything green and luscious and damp, with more rain hanging low in the clouds...Chiaro di Luna is as ever on the go!

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