Sunday, December 31, 2017

7 Cat Hat

Gearing up to the New Year making a hat for a friend who has thirteen odd rescued cats and one rescued doggie. The minute I saw the Cat-tastic pattern on Ravelry I knew it was for her...and showed it to her, and she was all enthusiastic, needing a warm hat for morning doggie walkies ( we both have small heads)...only when I went to knit it up in her favorite cherry blossom color, turns out the original is tiny! And so are the cats when knit in my cherry blossom I had to make my own cats and size the hat myself based very loosely on the original. I cast on 100 stitches in with size 6 JP needles for a small ladies size, knitting in the round with a two color brioche brim (a fancy new way of saying fisherman's rib), and decided to have three different cat views on the hat instead of just the one. After perusing pinterest for inspiration I printed out graph paper in my gauge and began to draw, round lines at first and then matching with the rectangles of the stitches. You never really know how it will look until it's knit up. I had promised all different color cats, but what with the three poses and all I kind of stuck with one basic color in fairisle. I'll be gifting it in the New Year.
Anyway, this brings me to the Year of the Dog pending! And thinking that I will make my own setter motifs based on my babies for a doggie hat for ME in the coming year. This will give me a chance to go back over the blog and enjoy all the beatiful setter pictures all over again. Here we go!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


An early Xmas gift from a wonderful doggie friend.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Doggie Scarves are GO!

 I haven't had the official figures yet, but I think my nine doggie scarves earned a tidy sum of around 35000 yen (just over 300 US dollars) for Gundog Rescue CACI thanks to the efforts of the auction team and the fun and friendly bidding. There's a Japanese report with more eye-candy pics at a friend's blog.
 I tried to write in fun comments and it's always a wonderful warm atmosphere, since every penny goes to charity. And so happy to receive the pictures of the lucky bidders wearing their spoils, makes the effort worthwhile: totally knitworthy, as we say in the crafting world. 
 I'm thinking I'll be doing something again next year, perhaps some wee hats? Or fingerless mittens? I got a stash of Noro Kureyon which could serve for some fun items. Meanwhile the grandkids are asking for Pikachu and Anpanman for Christmas. As always these rescued setters bring me nothing but blessings: my knit mojo is back and I can make Granma sweaters for the little humans now too. A huge thank you to all who bid, and particularly the auction team. Now don't feel you missed out! 

There's a new auction every week, so just run along and join the FB group!You are welcome to join and make your bids under the picture of an item you like (only one item per person), deadline is Sunday 20:00 Dean Russo goodies this week, mugs, aprons, go for it!
All photos used with owner permission. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Charity Auction This Week!

Photo Source: CACI Charity Auction Page by N. Okada Kuriyama
Time to get in your bids for a hand made doggie or human scarf this week. The scarves are all one of a kind and designed to look like a bow when tied on a dog with a knot, or pinned with a pretty brooch to a human.
All proceeds go to CACI Gundog Rescue (FB here). I'm so happy to be able to participate in the fund-raising and awed by the energy of the two organizers: thank you! 
Bidding has started, and closes on Sunday night October 1st 20:00 (8pm) Japan time (GMT+9hrs). Just join the Facebook group チャリティーオークション for CACI and make your bid under the picture of the item you like. You can bid for as many as you like (they are also knitted as doggie-human pairs!?)  and if you get in the highest bid by Sunday you win. Pay by post office transfer or Amazon gift certificate if you win. 
There's also a fantastic raffle setter brooch this week with a great video of the raffle process done by the shelter dogs! Haven't won yet, but each week the items are so gorgeous I'm always hoping and buying a new ticket. 

Friday, September 22, 2017


 Now we're home after our short trip north to Nasu, I took the dogs to the vet for their combination inoculations. Sherlock being the young lad he is,  had his jag no problem after a quick check-up. (Nevertheless he does have an issue with a growth on his chest, and the vet drew some liquid from it to test for eventualities). 
Claire however, has a 2.2 cm growth in her mammary gland...and considering her age, the vet said there was no need to overburden her system with an early vaccination. We discussed options: 3cm growth is the threshold for an operation, but Claire is going to take anti-inflammatory meds every three days for a month to see how things progress and I'll go back in October...The vet also has reservations about Nobu, he's a bit wobbly on his feet and lethargic, suggesting thyroid imbalance, and again, the immunization is still working, so we're postponing the shot.
"We ...are dream beings. We can accomplish many of our dreams in a lifetime but we won't be able to achieve them all. More how we're living right now. With some consciousness and a sense of humor, we can embrace the wholeness of our being and live a life with soul...the beauty, the mystery and the magic of our true being deserving to be honored and celebrated. It's available for each of us in this very moment." Source: Ruda Lande

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sherlock Level UP!

Sherlock, who had been as obedient as only a wily dog can be, took it into his head to go hunting once he had a feel for the lay of the land after quite a few scouting loose leash walkies. On our way to the pool, a path where he had heeled with great devotion, he was suddenly off in the brush....and GONE! As my poor beating heart fluttered in my breast like the birds he was chasing, I quickly brought Nobu and Claire to wait in the safety of the porch and began calling and searching the environs...GONE! As I stood forlorn in the parking area, another pension guest came by, and I explained Sherlock was probably hunting pheasants. There are a lot just round here, I said, look, just like that one in the next field flying up! Beautiful! A greyish whirring flurry of wings and tail, this was the most similar picture I could find on the web, from Kokoro no Mama Ni blog.
And what should I see but a white bunny rabbit figure hopping up in and out of the long grass in hot pursuit- there was Sherlock! Right under our noses he had flushed the bird, all hidden in the verdure. And in a twinkling the pheasant was up and gone, and I called Sherlock back with the promise of "supper", and he happily and proudly came to me, soaking wet, muddy and with a couple of scrapes to emphasize the headiness of the quest.
 Much relieved, I lathered him up to check him out for any serious injuries and get him clean for the evening supper. Home safe, all well, ah, but what a great setter, dedicated hunting, then coming when called. Mummy's fault she doesn't make more use of his talents. Quite. 
 Photos by Lelantos except (Pheasant by Mako)

Thursday, September 14, 2017