Sunday, December 31, 2017

7 Cat Hat

Gearing up to the New Year making a hat for a friend who has thirteen odd rescued cats and one rescued doggie. The minute I saw the Cat-tastic pattern on Ravelry I knew it was for her...and showed it to her, and she was all enthusiastic, needing a warm hat for morning doggie walkies ( we both have small heads)...only when I went to knit it up in her favorite cherry blossom color, turns out the original is tiny! And so are the cats when knit in my cherry blossom I had to make my own cats and size the hat myself based very loosely on the original. I cast on 100 stitches in with size 6 JP needles for a small ladies size, knitting in the round with a two color brioche brim (a fancy new way of saying fisherman's rib), and decided to have three different cat views on the hat instead of just the one. After perusing pinterest for inspiration I printed out graph paper in my gauge and began to draw, round lines at first and then matching with the rectangles of the stitches. You never really know how it will look until it's knit up. I had promised all different color cats, but what with the three poses and all I kind of stuck with one basic color in fairisle. I'll be gifting it in the New Year.
Anyway, this brings me to the Year of the Dog pending! And thinking that I will make my own setter motifs based on my babies for a doggie hat for ME in the coming year. This will give me a chance to go back over the blog and enjoy all the beatiful setter pictures all over again. Here we go!

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