Sunday, April 27, 2014

After Breakfast

 Breakfast being Taste of the Wild kibble with chopped cabbage, beansprouts, tofu and a teaspoon of salmon oil (topped up with horsetail for Luna), Chiaro di Luna is off to enjoy the garden, where she goes into trance states over the movement of wind and insects in the grass....wonder whose future she's reading?

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Gundog Rescue CACI President, rescue Angel and Mama Name-giver, Rie Kaneko, gifted Chiaro di Luna with these words for her six month anniversary (originally posted on the CACI bulletin board):
Luna is really giving it her all.
ルナちゃん、レナータママ様のお宅での生活が始まってから、どんどんどんどん綺麗に、そしてどんどんどんどん可愛らしさもアップしてるなぁと思いながら ブログを拝見しています。
Ever since she arrived at her forever home to live with you guys, as I look at the blog, she's been getting more and more beautiful, and increasingly precious, cute and cuddly...
クレアちゃんも信くんも、優しく受け入れてくれているようで みんなの姿を見ていると、とても微笑ましいです。
It warms my heart to see you all, the way Claire and Nobu have welcomed her into the family.
When I think of moonlight, I have this image of a quiet, blueish light, but Luna shines bright like the full moon, warm and clear: Luna's moonbeams, lighting up all those around her.
Thank you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Gundog Chiaro di Luna

 Concentrated sniffing...I smell pigeon! This way, Mummy, this way! There it is...
 Just follow my lead...see my pointing? See my tail? See my nose? Picture perfect setter here, don't you agree?
 Such fun, let's do it again!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Whither Wending

 Three setters in the park leading me a merry dance, with pigeons all around...not to mention the ducks...fortunately Nobu is easy-going about birds, so the focus is on the ladies...and the birds. Smiles all round, and more pics to come.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Luna derobee

Luna is at her best just out of the shower, when she's all fluffy and creamy delicious. Nobunaga looks like a little baby after a shower, he loses all his volume. Claire is on hold, I can't do three in a row! Claire comes up so white, like a detergent advertisement, I'll save it for tomorrow or the weekend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hunting in the Garden

 Double cherry blossom this year, so picnicking and snoozing in the garden is on the menu for today, as I'm exhausted from pruning various bushes, and have a rash from some bugs to boot. Meanwhile Luna loves pottering around between the bushes and freezing up in her habitual lost to the world concentrated staring. One of the cherry trees gave up her ghost, and I am storing the logs to heat a friend's family during the winter months, they were kind enough to come over with a chain saw and help me cut it down. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nobunaga Stealth Mode

And just to set your mind at rest about Luna, she's back to her old happy self, enjoying dragging Mum round the park with Nobu and Claire in her wake, and giving me these uncomprehending giant loving smiles when I try and get her to walk or wait, before relentlessly heaving at me again as we set off...stick (I think she's used to ignoring high levels of pain, so gentle tugs on the leash or taps in the buttocks are like flies to her) and carrot (she gobbles treats whole and gets back to business) have both had little success, so lately I'm trying singing to her as we walk...Luna is a sweet child, she walks so well, so demure, cutie little Luna...