Monday, April 21, 2014

Gundog Chiaro di Luna

 Concentrated sniffing...I smell pigeon! This way, Mummy, this way! There it is...
 Just follow my lead...see my pointing? See my tail? See my nose? Picture perfect setter here, don't you agree?
 Such fun, let's do it again!


  1. Sorry I was not sure how to post my comments here... so I may have posted this twice...

    Nice to meet you through your blog. You have such beautiful setters, and I enjoy reading and seeing the photos. I also have two rescued gun dogs, and one of them looks a bit like your Luna :-) Luna is such a strong girl, and I'm sure that her life is filled with love and happiness even though she has been going through a tough time. Look at her smily face at Pention Olive! (my dogs don't usually run at a dog run, but they love the huge dog run at Olive). Ganbatte Luna!

    BTW have you read the book, the 'PET LOVER'S GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALING FOR CATS AND DOGS'? The book has some good information on holistic approach.

  2. Hi there Betty, thank you for following my blog :) I haven't read the book, thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. Say hello to your dogs from me :) Are they from Gundogrescue CACI too?

  3. Hi again :-) My dogs are not from CACI. One is from Tochigi and the other is from Kanagawa, but both came home through rescue NGOs. I have met some setters from CACI though. Hope to see you and your boy & girls sometime in near future!