Saturday, April 26, 2014


Gundog Rescue CACI President, rescue Angel and Mama Name-giver, Rie Kaneko, gifted Chiaro di Luna with these words for her six month anniversary (originally posted on the CACI bulletin board):
Luna is really giving it her all.
ルナちゃん、レナータママ様のお宅での生活が始まってから、どんどんどんどん綺麗に、そしてどんどんどんどん可愛らしさもアップしてるなぁと思いながら ブログを拝見しています。
Ever since she arrived at her forever home to live with you guys, as I look at the blog, she's been getting more and more beautiful, and increasingly precious, cute and cuddly...
クレアちゃんも信くんも、優しく受け入れてくれているようで みんなの姿を見ていると、とても微笑ましいです。
It warms my heart to see you all, the way Claire and Nobu have welcomed her into the family.
When I think of moonlight, I have this image of a quiet, blueish light, but Luna shines bright like the full moon, warm and clear: Luna's moonbeams, lighting up all those around her.
Thank you!

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