Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anjin Summer Pumpkin Doggie Plate

Popping into our local dog cafe, Anjin, has become a weekly occasion for Nobu and Claire, after our evening walk. It's so hot, today we waited til six and arrived at Anjin around seven, and now we're back home again the dogs are digging into a kangaroo tailbone each as a final scrunchy evening meal. I love sipping my ice coffee and chatting about all and sundry with the owner, who always takes a picture of Nobu and Claire for the Anjin blog . Meanwhile Tosh seems to like the quiet time at home before supper. Basically now it's so hot, we spend most of the morning and afternoon holed up in the air-conditioned sitting room. Nobu's fur being black, he's susceptible to the heat, and bags the best spot right where the cool air comes blasting out on the wooden floor. Meanwhile Claire hogs the armchair and has the fan blowing cool air her way at just the right height.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I read somewhere that running releases endorphins or serotonins or whatever those things are called, and that you actually get a kick out of it and feel happier, not just dogs, that is, but humans. I haven't been trying it out lately, I'm happiest poddling along slowly and letting the dogs run, but I think once the university term is over and I've settled the grades I'll have more energy for running and exercising with the dogs again. I sure get the most beatific smile on my face when I'm dancing...Nobu and Claire enjoyed the first watermelon of the season today, scrunching and munching, slurping and sloshing, definitely both of them big fans of the fruit. I ate too much myself, and now need to lie down to relieve the pressure on my stomach....summer is here!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catch me if you can

Claire and Nobu do get along really well, and they look so pretty together, pepper and salt. Here is an unusual picture of Claire actually playing with Nobu, she doesn't often indulge him...I washed the toys today, they were beginning to look a little dirty with saliva and dust, and now they're hanging out on the line to dry. It's a great way to recycle the kids old teddy bears and cuddly toys, we were given one little duck as a baby shower gift for my oldest boy, so 24 years old, and now it's the perfect toy for bird-loving setters. Claire loves me to toss it in the air and she will catch it, but she never rips things apart, so it's lasting forever :) Nobu prefers tug of war, so it's cut of jeans and rope and the Nunosbee frisbee for him, although for some reason he also loves biting into the knitted teddy bear sweater and pulling on it, the imp. I'm just dying for summer holidays so I can spend more time with them again, playing and going on outings to cooler locations for dog runs and summer splashing...although unfortunately the Uminokoen beache near Yokohama is closed to dogs all summer, we'll have to wait til September to go running with a long leash on the sea shore...

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Green

Summer in Japan is so muggy and hot, and the changes in temperature this year are quite exhausting. After the gusty winds and driving rain yesterday and last night, we're into sunny skies and the makings of a heatwave today. Here is Claire looking cool and relaxed, pottering around in the cool underbrush at dog resort Woof near Lake Yamanaka. She's such a field dog, it's all about getting in touch with nature: she really comes alive. Cool green healing forest energy...amethyst healing aura Claire.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playing Tag with Mum

When there are no other dogs to play with in the dog run, Nobu sometimes enjoys chasing after me to unleash all that pent up setter's helpful if I have a rope or a toy to play tug of war (neither of my setters are much into retrieving), but this time it was just me, dodging around and finally getting grabbed by the coattails. Fortunately Nobu can quit when he's told, so I didn't end up with a hole in my jacket - he's never aggressive in any way. It's a recycle shop classic, perfect for putting poop bags and water bottles in those deep side pockets, and I wear it almost constantly for walks nowadays.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dancing Nobu 2

I'm constantly amazed by how graceful Nobu is in his flopsy puppy leaps and quirky energetic movements - he looks so happy to be alive and moving free, caressing the air, buoyed by zephyrs, dancing with the wind, like some glorious snap from modern ballet minus the tights and deathly paleness...

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Nobu is happiest when he can play with other dogs, and luckily there were some great new friends to play with at Woof. Even though it's hot and muggy in rainy season Japan, he was up and about, jumping and running, jousting and wrestling, having a great rugby tussle. He's such an English gentleman, my Nobu, rolling up his shirtsleeves and piling in to the fray, but never getting aggressive or dangerous :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Smile

We went on an overnight to Woof, and Nobu and Claire got to monitor Dear Deer all venison doggie treats...just look at those satisfied grins :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nobu the Imp

I'm kind of busy lately gearing up for university end of terms, and Nobu got bored of waiting and decided to explore the bags at the door...he pulled out all the plastics and spread them over the sitting room floor, then got quite apprehensive about what he'd done as you can see from the picture. He does love to upend bags and see what's inside, and sometimes will gleefully grab the plastic recycle trash bag and carry it proudly to the lawn where he proceeds to litter the lawn with all the contents. It's not about eating, it's about having fun and satsifying curiosity. At least he doesn't go for my handbag...Now I store the plastic trash in the garden shed, so at least that problem is solved...The best thing is to bag up all the doggie toys, and he can upend them whenever he wants :)