Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anjin Summer Pumpkin Doggie Plate

Popping into our local dog cafe, Anjin, has become a weekly occasion for Nobu and Claire, after our evening walk. It's so hot, today we waited til six and arrived at Anjin around seven, and now we're back home again the dogs are digging into a kangaroo tailbone each as a final scrunchy evening meal. I love sipping my ice coffee and chatting about all and sundry with the owner, who always takes a picture of Nobu and Claire for the Anjin blog . Meanwhile Tosh seems to like the quiet time at home before supper. Basically now it's so hot, we spend most of the morning and afternoon holed up in the air-conditioned sitting room. Nobu's fur being black, he's susceptible to the heat, and bags the best spot right where the cool air comes blasting out on the wooden floor. Meanwhile Claire hogs the armchair and has the fan blowing cool air her way at just the right height.

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