Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catch me if you can

Claire and Nobu do get along really well, and they look so pretty together, pepper and salt. Here is an unusual picture of Claire actually playing with Nobu, she doesn't often indulge him...I washed the toys today, they were beginning to look a little dirty with saliva and dust, and now they're hanging out on the line to dry. It's a great way to recycle the kids old teddy bears and cuddly toys, we were given one little duck as a baby shower gift for my oldest boy, so 24 years old, and now it's the perfect toy for bird-loving setters. Claire loves me to toss it in the air and she will catch it, but she never rips things apart, so it's lasting forever :) Nobu prefers tug of war, so it's cut of jeans and rope and the Nunosbee frisbee for him, although for some reason he also loves biting into the knitted teddy bear sweater and pulling on it, the imp. I'm just dying for summer holidays so I can spend more time with them again, playing and going on outings to cooler locations for dog runs and summer splashing...although unfortunately the Uminokoen beache near Yokohama is closed to dogs all summer, we'll have to wait til September to go running with a long leash on the sea shore...

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