Friday, September 22, 2017


 Now we're home after our short trip north to Nasu, I took the dogs to the vet for their combination inoculations. Sherlock being the young lad he is,  had his jag no problem after a quick check-up. (Nevertheless he does have an issue with a growth on his chest, and the vet drew some liquid from it to test for eventualities). 
Claire however, has a 2.2 cm growth in her mammary gland...and considering her age, the vet said there was no need to overburden her system with an early vaccination. We discussed options: 3cm growth is the threshold for an operation, but Claire is going to take anti-inflammatory meds every three days for a month to see how things progress and I'll go back in October...The vet also has reservations about Nobu, he's a bit wobbly on his feet and lethargic, suggesting thyroid imbalance, and again, the immunization is still working, so we're postponing the shot.
"We ...are dream beings. We can accomplish many of our dreams in a lifetime but we won't be able to achieve them all. More how we're living right now. With some consciousness and a sense of humor, we can embrace the wholeness of our being and live a life with soul...the beauty, the mystery and the magic of our true being deserving to be honored and celebrated. It's available for each of us in this very moment." Source: Ruda Lande

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