Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sherlock Level UP!

Sherlock, who had been as obedient as only a wily dog can be, took it into his head to go hunting once he had a feel for the lay of the land after quite a few scouting loose leash walkies. On our way to the pool, a path where he had heeled with great devotion, he was suddenly off in the brush....and GONE! As my poor beating heart fluttered in my breast like the birds he was chasing, I quickly brought Nobu and Claire to wait in the safety of the porch and began calling and searching the environs...GONE! As I stood forlorn in the parking area, another pension guest came by, and I explained Sherlock was probably hunting pheasants. There are a lot just round here, I said, look, just like that one in the next field flying up! Beautiful! A greyish whirring flurry of wings and tail, this was the most similar picture I could find on the web, from Kokoro no Mama Ni blog.
And what should I see but a white bunny rabbit figure hopping up in and out of the long grass in hot pursuit- there was Sherlock! Right under our noses he had flushed the bird, all hidden in the verdure. And in a twinkling the pheasant was up and gone, and I called Sherlock back with the promise of "supper", and he happily and proudly came to me, soaking wet, muddy and with a couple of scrapes to emphasize the headiness of the quest.
 Much relieved, I lathered him up to check him out for any serious injuries and get him clean for the evening supper. Home safe, all well, ah, but what a great setter, dedicated hunting, then coming when called. Mummy's fault she doesn't make more use of his talents. Quite. 
 Photos by Lelantos except (Pheasant by Mako)

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