Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Stitch in Time

Having finished my setter scarf series for charity auction in August, I suddenly felt the urge to knit, something that had been lacking in my menopausal life for what seemed like an eternity. Woohoo, thanks to enjoying the doggie scarf knitting, I have finally got my mojo back! And knitted up a wee shrug just in time for the cold weather hitting us since yesterday.
The pattern is based on a Keitodama knitting magazine pattern, Spring Margaret by Mariko Oka, and there's no shaping which made for a quick and easy knit. I left out one of the crochet rows because I felt the edging didn't need extra volume or length, and didn't bother with a dangling cord on the arms (more to get caught in dog collar buckles or dip in the washing up soap). For the life of me I can't find the book for the exact year now, must be around Spring 2004 but it's hiding. Meanwhile Sherlock is getting the hang of modelling...he's such an eccentric wee setter.
The yarn has been sitting in a tupperware box with lavender and zeolite-based kimono sachets for the past 25 years, waiting for this moment: I bought it with the handicraft and shopping genius mum of my infant son's playmate on a girls' yarn foray to a wee (and I mean Japan wee here, so imagine beyond tiny) Japanese yarn boutique in Shimokitazawa called Rose. I remember barging in, breathless with excitement, filling the space totally with our two strollers, and I was so distracted by the wealth of beauty I didn't notice my son enjoying finding the scissors and cutting one of the skeins so I had to buy it! 
The original yarns were all custom-ordered by the owner to her specifications, and are simply unique, eye-catching and luxurious quality. I love the way knitting arches through time, and the joy of the yarn itself is the beginning of a creative process where every stitch is a celebration of delight, memories and love.
And of course the end result is such fun to wear, and so snuggly...temperatures right now are so pleasantly autumnal without being actively cold, the shrug just keeps the shoulders and neck warm as I sit and work, or walk the dogs. I kept the sleeves short on purpose so it wouldn't hang in poopies as I pick it up or catch in the leash as I juggle with three: Sherlock is still darting hither and thither in his joyful meandering walkie style. Or sleeping like an angel on the sofa when we get home...

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