Friday, July 24, 2015

Before and After

People often comment on how beautiful and unusual our setters are...just a reminder that a rescue doesn't look nearly as happy, confident and relaxed in the beginning...scared, tense, guarded, obsequious, hesitant, dehydrated, undernourished, as they begin to feel confident and at home with tender loving care, they begin to look like their true selves.
 Don't buy a puppy from a store, their mother is like Chiaro di Luna, washed up, starved, bred too young, and abandoned when she's developed tumors from the stress of her life. You can save her instead, a sweet loving angel who'll lick your feet and wheedle food out of you in a twinkling with her adoring eyes.
 Don't buy that boisterous cute bundle of energy from the pet store, and then drive him mad with abuse, neglecting to walk him out of laziness, aghast at the amount of food he needs and the size he's growing into:don't restrain and beat him when he barks and jumps for joy at other dogs, or throw things at him in punishment for wrecking the that he can no longer walk, the muscles in his legs have atrophied, he is afraid of a tossed toy...You can save this abandoned baby, and with Nobunaga, you can feel the joy of his complete trust and intelligent communication, playing by synchronizing his outbreath with yours, and hand over paw over hand over paw games, and  you can talk him into doing whatever it is you want if you just sit down and take the time to make him feel respected and loved. Sit back and watch his inspired loving interaction with other dogs of all sizes and ages, such a joy to behold.
 Don't get a puppy when you're too old, and your spouse and family won't realize the level of perfection you have worked so hard to create: a hunting trained, experienced, intelligent, sensitive and mature creature- so they take her to the pound when you can no longer care fore her, with never a second thought, where she's so afraid she gets labelled aggressive...Rescue an older dog instead, and gain Lady Claire: gain her trust with training and running together and sharing new experiences, learn to hear what she's saying, and together you can enjoy the perfect and wonderful dog she is.

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