Saturday, July 18, 2015

House and Garden

 I actually managed to get up early this morning and went round the park with the babies, after which the ladies had a shower, so I thought Luna was feeling lazy and sleepy...
 ...until I began to hang out the washing,and the babies followed me out. Our green curtain is thriving, giving us shade, and in a few days even perhaps, delicious sustenance.
 Luna gets such a focused, hunting look when she does the rounds of the garden, it's quite cute, she's such a dreamy baby in the house.
 Claire of course is always stylish, her hair particularly white and fluffy from the shampoo. Unfortunately Luna had some fleas in her tail and buttocks, which a good lathering of shampoo and my nimble fingers dealt with, so I've had to wash all the bedding too. I can't see any on Nobu or Claire, thinking of doing a round of Frontline if necessary, but I'll give it a go with some essential oils first.

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