Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coming home

On our way home from an short trip, Nobu and Claire flake out on the back seat of the car. When Nobu first came a year and a half ago, his stomach was so weak from lack of exercise and regular nourishment, so he was always drooling heavily, sometimes even vomiting in the car. Now he feels safe to lay back and fall fast asleep, replete with all the excitement and doggie fun. It's like driving home with the kids in the back snuggled up and sleeping, feels really warm and fuzzy inside. Happy family :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Claire in the clover patch

Beautiful day for an evening walk...Claire and Nobu had their summer trimming yesterday- doesn't she look beautiful. I'm such a proud doggie mum. The dogs look a lot smaller without their full body hair, almost childlike and innocent, whereas before they looked regal and impressive. This morning I took Claire to the vet for her yearly booster shot. I picked up both dogs' heartworm meds for the year at the same time. That's rabies shots done, vaccination done, monthly heartworm medication ready in the drawer. All set, just the anti-tick/flea drops to be bought once every month or so as needed. Roll on summer :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oimatsuda Dog Run

Getting hot in the city so drove up to the mountains with the dogs for some quality time in the dog cheek still hurts from the fall, so it's easier to have the dogs run than take them for long walks. Fantastic cool breezes, lots of birds for excitement, and water for Claire to splash in and out of. Nobu never got his feet wet, daintily dipping his nose in the stream to lap up some cool water.