Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mum takes out the trash

When I pop out in the morning with the trash, Nobu and Claire sit on the front steps waiting for me to get back. Hey mum, when's our walkies? Can't we go too? they seem to say...I was thinking about possible CSR tie-ups for the CACI Gundog Rescue organization that saved our beauties. Their mission is to use microchips to keep track of all dogs, so that they can be less easily maybe a logistics firm, or a microchip producer? They are also hunting dogs, so a gunmaker or plastic toy gunmaker, adding a bonus plastic doggie figure - collect the set ?trading cards with individual dog pics and stories? Plus they are ENGLISH, so any firm selling its true Brit appeal, Harrods, Burberry, the British Embassy? Wondering if I should put together a PowerPoint explaining the mutual benefits and approach some companies for sponsorship...I think these would be excellent dogs for Ribovitan FIGHT advertisements, they have such special energy...

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