Friday, October 18, 2013

Just the day for a walk

I got tired on the way home, 12000steps today what with morning and afternoon walk...the dogs were sploshing around in the muddy terraced wetland area of the park, so I gave them a nice shower with Luminosa shampoo when we got home. I folded up Nobu's cage and put out a Costco doggie bed instead, so Nobu's got to get used to taking his meals in the kitchen. I thought it best to begin changing some things before a third foster arrives (in case a third foster arrives), because there's no way we can fit three cages in the sitting room, or anywhere else for that matter. At any rate get Nobu used to the change so he doesn't get nervous and link it to the new dog (assuming they come) or anything. The sitting room is much more comfortable without the cage, for both us and the dogs...Claire immediately took over the sunny spot.

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