Saturday, March 22, 2014

Constant Cuddles

Luna appears to have open cervix pyometra, the vet thinks it may be stump pyometra as Luna has a huge long scar from some ceasarian section or other operation. The echo pictures show an enlarged lumpy area on top of her other multiple round grape sized lumps.

At any rate in her weakened and lymphomatic condition the risks of operating are pretty much a death sentence, so life goes on with antibiotics and giving her all the comforts she desires to make her happy. I love the way my vet doesn't try to sell us some false hope in the form of expensive operations, he says we go for what's best for the dog within the parameters of where she's at.

I do wish I knew a homeopathic vet, however, looking on the web there are some herbal remedies out there with garlic, burdock, echinacea, rosehip, and another with argentum allicum or such, I could put some garlic and burdock in her food as an emergency measure...first up I gave her the first antibiotic last night, and now one this morning to set up a dose in the system, and now she'll be getting one tablet a day...let's hope she pulls through, the kid is such a sweetie in spite of her body being a total mess. 

If it were me, I swear by marjoram, clove and ajowan essential oil loaded in a carrier oil and rubbed on, but I'm not sure how that would work for dogs???Maybe just marjoram? Ajowan can cause irritations of the skin...Anyone knowledgeable?

This was a FB post I wrote, which helped me do some more net research, and I tried my Ajowan Clove Marjoram dilution on her just just now, letting her smell, and rubbing a tiny, infinitismal, minute amount around her scar and engorged breasts...going for walkies now, and then I need to take myself to a massage...

And now a further update on day six of her antibiotics...she seems to be getting better, at least the secretions have slowed and the color is more healthy, and i've switched from the very strong ajowan and clove to a calendula (marigold) oil base with palma rosa and marjoram...she loves the palma rosa, not so keen on juniper which I tried out too, but rejected because of her reaction. Parma rosa is good for exhaustion, and she is really exhausted from the whole illness, just wants to cuddle 24/7.

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