Monday, March 9, 2015

When you're weary

I was a bit worried about Luna while I was away, but she is fit as a fiddle, although thin as a rake...on walks, it's all about the hunt, she trots along blithely in search of pigeons. Totally absorbed in the joy of it, she forgets everything, and when we end up back home she snoozes tired but happy with Nobunaga for a pillow.
 Morning sees her with Nobunaga again waiting for walkies...Every day of her life, Chiaro di Luna is a miracle...she's so thin and bony, it's a wonder where the energy comes from, but she's such a happy hospice foster, you tend to forget the hospice part (perhaps she does too!). When she fixes you in her sights for some tidbits, she is just irresistible...what a marvelous little setter she is.

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