Thursday, June 18, 2015


 Nobunaga is the most gentle and obedient of dogs on our walkies, trotting along happily behind me and the ladies, only sometimes he likes to just chill and do his own thing, particularly when we get to the terraced ponds in Kuraki Park.
 He loves the way you sink into the muddy bottom so the muddy water comes right up to his armpits, and then he just stands there, enjoying the cool water...
 After a moment or two the girls get restless and want to move on, but I can call and coax and wheedle all I like, Nobu turns away pretending he's deaf as a doornail and will not leave the pond....
I end up hooking the girls' leashes on a post so they don't drag me off balance splosh into the mud with him, and stand there chatting with Nobu a while about how good the water feels, waiting for him to have had enough and come on out, all in his own good time...with legs and paws black with mud all the way up to his body, good thing I have Luminosa shampoo at home to get him clean again.

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