Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friends Rally Round

Feeling so blessed, a friend helped me driving to the vet as I was quite distressed, and in the evening another friend brought some delicious pork stew with carrots and radish specially blended for Luna to digest easily. 
 Absolutely delicious, thank you! This morning I've been wobbling round the block separately with Luna, and now we're waiting for Claire and Nobu to get back to have a hearty breakfast...freshly caught trout from the mountains, specially deboned for Luna. So much love and support coming our way, feeling truly blessed.
Fortunately with the garden, even if she's not up for a long walk Luna can wobble around outside rootling in the leaves and getting a breath of fresh air, and since she's got a very loose stool right now, it's great for her to be able to make a dash to the loo at her leisure. As you can see, she's still valiantly riding the waves of life, however scary things may be. Thank you!

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