Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dog Cafe Anjin Renewal Open

Unfortunately for personal reasons the cafe is taking it slow in 2017, so if you plan on going you need to phone and consult about make a reservation at least 3 days in advance. Thank you for your consideration.
After a five year hiatus, my local dog cafe, Anjin,
 has reopened, and such a wonderful place it is to hang out with the dogs, especially if I didn't have time for a long afternoon walkies.
Below is a special L size doggie plate which I share between the setters, always seasonal and of course hand made with loving care. 
The owner has two dachshund babies of her own, and over the years they are quite friendly with my sweeties, so they all sit happily together to attention for extra treats. Since it was only us, I can let the dogs run free in the room, they know not to enter the kitchen. While there is ample space for three or four big dogs, there's also a verandah to space out and relax for bigger parties of big dogs too.

 Hard to guess which is the doggie plate and which is the human plate, right? No wonder the dogs always try to go even when it's just walkies.
 This is my favorite human dish so far, tomato salad with anchovies and Spanish bread, just plain delish. The spare rib meal looks scrumptious too and reasonable at the price..
So here's the flyer, and blip me on FB or Line if you're in the neighborhood, I'll be happy to come along too!

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