Thursday, January 26, 2017

Peace Tails Visit

Sherlock doing his best Jedi impersonation as a couple of young ones came to play - a chance visit from a Mummy fostering dogs for Peace Tails, who we met on our local walkies. It was fun to be able to meet and greet larger doggies, so we all walked home together for a wee romp around the garden, and then Mummies settled in to get to know each other over tea, while the canine babies enjoyed the new environment.
With great abandon they enjoyed the chewy things lying around, and played with toys...there's enough for everyone, so quite laid back, taking turns, friendly inquisitive fun together.
At one and a half, this friendly terrier had a great romp with Nobu, who was delighted to jump around in the garden with a bit of friendly sparring.
Their foster Mummy has a pointer too, who's still learning to walkies nicely. They live so close by, maybe we'll meet again another day. Nothing like a bit of social interaction from time to time! Go like the Peace Tails Facebook page!

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