Friday, March 10, 2017

Mad March

It was sunny when we left home, rather late as Mummy couldn't get up for anything...enjoying the warmth on my back and dawdling happily along, things suddenly clouded over...
That put a stop to my photo sessions and we all began the hurried jog home- I'd left the futons hanging out on the balcony, and I wasn't happy about the prospect of a shower...Claire had got all tangled up in Nobu's leash, but you can see he doesn't mind.
Meanwhile Sherlock was darting hither and thither exploring the bushes...Nobunaga went on strike, wouldn't budge and insisted we take the long route home along the top of the woods, but fortunately we got home just in time to rescue the futons and the washing...shame about more pics...I leave you with a piece of Chani Nicholas advice for the Taurus week which is so completely spot on, it's amazing: This is a time to chill when you can. Pause when there is no urgent need to move. Respond to what is necessary and let everything else wait while you take your sweet time seriously.

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