Thursday, May 10, 2012

Agility setter Claire

Not that we're timing her or anything, but Claire quite enjoys navigating the agility run obstacles, and even though it looks as though I'm coaxing her with tidbits, in fact I didn't have my waistpouch with me, so my hands are empty...she's doing it for FUN, and obviously feeling proud of herself :) Meanwhile Nobu avoids anything to do with man-made agility courses.This dog run is a free one on the outbound Tomei expressway at the Ashigara Service Area just before Gotemba: they have two, one for smaller dogs, and this separate one for large canines. 
On our way home we wanted to go again, but the Ashigara dog run in the Tokyo direction was reserved for small and medium dogs, with no run for big dogs. Fortunately the next parking area, Ayuzawa, had a fantastic grassy dog run of ample size with free tissues, plastic bags and a poop post, so the humans and dogs had a coffee break at Ayuzawa Parking area on the way home too. 


  1. Yes. It looks Clair is enjoying the Agility with you. And yes, Nobu is Nobunaga, so he must not like to play with man-made agility cource. He love to run and to play freely as he wants, doesn't he?
    Both of them always look so happy with you!!

  2. I love your comments, thank you so much :) The feeling is so mutual, I too feel so happy with my sweet dogs :) I'm enjoying your new cherry blossom and tulip pictures in the park. Alice and Cream are so cute!