Friday, May 4, 2012

Flower Power

Tango Partner

Friends have gifted me with the most beautiful flowers for my fiftieth birthday, and I'm keeping the memory in these snapshots. Poor old Nobu was snoozing like an angel when I stuck the rose in his mouth and woke him up, but he took it in his stride and he's back to sleep again now while I blog :P I don't have so many pictures of Claire from her pirate queen angle so I like this one. Today after a good run in the park we're doing training from ten, and then we've booked a lunchtime session at a dog trimming salon to see if we can get Nobu comfy for the summer - I'm thinking show dog cut, but wait for the pics! I found Inuya after calling a place I'd seen on my walks which was less than friendly and only catered for small dogs, so I googled for grooming large dogs, and found this hit which is also about half an hour's walk from my home. The owner  kindly called me back and agreed to see us this Friday to consult on the best course of action. Apparently the owner has graduated in courses in Pet Care and Professional Pet GroomingAdvanced Course in Pet and Show Grooming from the 「CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF DOG GROOMING」, and has also taken a course in Amimal First Aid & CPR.  I wonder if we'll be speaking English :P

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