Monday, June 4, 2012

Deleted scenes

These reject pictures are quite expressive. Cut, cut! But here they are :) Walked down the hill this morning and ended up stopping in the park to let a group of school kids pet Claire and Nobu. I think it's really important to pass it forward and give children the chance to get close to really big dogs (I mean they're not, but this is petite Japan! Everyone has chihuahas or miniature dachshunds) and see how gentle and beautiful they are. Nobu gets a little nervous as they shriek and jump around, but both he and Claire are very good, sitting and waiting and never protesting as they timidly pet, patting the head, fearfully stroking their backs, touching their tails, learning how to stroke under the chin and fondle behind the ears. I shared their story and this website with the teacher too, hoping she'll use the websites and follow up in class, teaching about not abandoning animals and implanting microchips and understanding what beautiful pets setters are - perhaps the kids'll grow up not only confident around bigger dogs, but one day own one (or two?) too.

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