Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stitch on the warpath

The gundog rescue shelter is looking for pictures to grace its 2013 calendar, and I'm having such a difficult time choosing. I'm only allowed one picture, so I'm thinking it's got to be one of both dogs. Plus now with Tosh's single lens reflex (SLR) camera, previous pictures of the dogs seem soft and blurry. Meanwhile Nobu has been with us for six months, so he's much more settled and confident, and I'm hoping perhaps we can get another photo shoot in before the July 7th deadline.
I want to choose a picture that you actually get pleasure from looking at a lot: it has to be an invitation to look at the dogs inside the calendar, and one that showcases shelter policy if possible, and it has to be something upbeat and pleasing rather than scary or weird, Nobu in action probably looks too fiersome for someone not used to dogs.
Tosh spent a whole early morning trying to get something really hot of the the two of then in synch, and it turns out it's really hard to get a perfect close up without tying them up. I like this one, but it seems unfair to Claire who is such a regal beauty, complementing Nobu's handsome features. There just isn't a perfect picture :( Then if I give up and just go for one dog, say, Claire's Marilyn Monroe picture, we miss out on sweet Nobu. All this wondering and worrying, I may just give up and not submit a picture at all -  after all, I have the blog for all the world to see their beauty :)

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