Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hungry Hordes

 The hardest part of cooking is waiting for the food to cool down. After a visit to Costco today's kelp broth has pumpkin, white radish, cabbage leaves, okara, and lovely chunks of lamb shoulder at 121yen per 100grammes, with some rice thrown in Italian style to cook in the broth.
 Claire keeping an eye on things to make quite sure she's not missing out, and then everyone reminding me it's past suppertime, and I'm frantically stirring the food to cool it faster, checking the temperature with my finger...
 ...which creates opportunities for licking before the actual event...Luna moves too fast for the camera shutter speed in this light, all the pictures are blurred, even single lens reflex...we'll have to wait for the evenings to grow longer and then maybe we can capture her joyful excitement...meanwhile, a lick is all I have to share...

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