Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Luna was watching telly with me cuddling in my lap when she jumped down of the sofa, walked a couple of steps and suddenly reeled like a drunk as her back legs gave out under her and then she was down, all four legs rigidly extended, splayed out and the eyes popping out of her head drooling with surprise...she peed on the carpet, and as I rubbed and soothed her for a couple of minutes she passed stool...after what must have been a a good five minutes, I picked up her legs to a sideways position and called the vet  and he told me to put her on her side, the head and chest too, not just the legs. He asked me if she was responding to her name, and if when I rubbed her paws she was moving, but she wasn't, just all limp and disoriented and confused. He said not to move her, and watch over her, and I thanked him and said I'd bring her in tomorrow. After I gently cleaned up the poop I lay down, spooning with her, and we waited for a while together. Then I gently began moving her front limbs to check for movement, and then the back legs, taking the limb weight in my hands and gently moving like a baby, feeling, yes, this moves ok this way, this moves ok that way, like my Feldenkrais therapist used to do, to give her confidence in the limbs and make sure nothing was snapped or broken or paralysed. After about thirty or forty minutes warming and rubbing her, my son came home, and she was able to bark feebly and wag her tail. It was time to make supper, so we wrapped her in a blanket at my feet and I got into making the lamb stew with pumpkin and potatoes and she's pottering around the kitchen so she seems to be okay, definitely low key but okay...angels are guarding her, little Chiaro di Luna.

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