Monday, June 23, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Picked up new toys for the dogs scavenging in today's trash...after a nice wash in the machine, they are hung up to dry, ready to be tossed and tussled with. Luna loves to grab cuddly toys and take them back to her cage, where she hoards them. Claire jumps up high to catch them, although not now the carpet is stashed away, the floorboards are too slippery. Nobu prefers to hang on to things and play tug of war with me, so I'm busy tossing to the girls inbetween tugging with Nobu, helps to have a plentiful stash of ammunition ready :)
 Meanwhile yesterday evening the dogs enjoyed some lamb tidbits from our evening meal out at my favorite French restaurant, Le Message. Luna has learned to sit and wait her turn, she's learning how to trust, the sweetie.

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