Friday, July 25, 2014

Coursera Animal Behavior and Welfare

Done teaching my own courses, after following an excruciating Udemy course on Environmental Economics which I don't recommend, I remembered the Economist had talked about other free options to study online, and checked out Coursera. I hit on the Animal Behavior and Welfare course which I signed up for, and am now fascinated and excited to be studying the issues. Meanwhile outside it's 34degrees, the doggies had their morning walk at 0430to 0600, and I made them some salmon soup with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, konbu, cabbage, daikon radish and a huge dose of love, before we've all settled down in the air-conditioned room...To cope with the doggie boredom of being stuck in the cool room while Mummy studies, I gave them a huge horse tendon....Luna takes it back to her cage, and after a while makes fantastic use of the cage to leverage the long stick...
 Nobu likes me to hold it for him, but since I'm otherwise engaged, he's busy in the sitting room, 

 ....meanwhile Claire is most secretive about it, hiding it from me in her cage so I don't take it away...she'll chomp away relentlessly, and then go steal Nobu's if it's lying abandoned somewhere...back to studying here, my conscience eased that I am providing a high level of animal welfare for my sweeties as I abandon them for the realms of science...

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