Sunday, July 27, 2014


Doing the Coursera Animal Behaviour and Welfare as my summer project. Copying a posting I made to the Japanese Study Forum here: " I just took the week two quiz this morning.. full score!  My study tips: 1 take it when my brain is fresh in the morning 2. after watching the videos 3 times, once on Friday to be in time for the Hangout and to get the general idea, once yesterday 3. taking notes to make sure I understood, and then watching videos in the evening again in tandem with my notes to double check I had noted main points. 4. When I got tired I was reading forums, clicking on outside links (like the pain things) blogging, walking the dogs, or doing the housework, and 5. I'd run some videos like a radio for input while cooking and so on. 6. I read some passages of Patricia McConnell"For the Love of a dog" to remind me why I chose the course and put me in good happy space. 7. Consolidate by exploring the pain study sites recommended. Also I noticed vocabulary and ideas that I am learning here were in McConnell's book p.16 "Misplaced anthropomorphic concerns" "All students of animal behavior...are rigorously trained in the accurate observation of behavior" p.29 "the signal runs through the amygdala....the amygdala signals "Emergency!"" p115 so I reconfirmed I was noticing and learning. 8. Add some lavender, rosemary and lemon balm drops to my aroma stone. Then I felt confident to give the test a go! Now I can go and enjoy the day, and I know I'll be hooked by Week 3 tomorrow!


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