Saturday, September 27, 2014

Motomachi Chiaro di Luna

I've been wanting to saunter proudly down Motomachi with my babies for a while, and finally made it happen...there's a fantastic wee doggie shop, Boutique for Dogs which specializes in the most gorgeous imports, and last year I fell in love with a pinkish Chanel suit for Claire, but the store only have teensy weensy sizes. I wanted to have Claire measured up for a special order. It turns out this week's the Charming Sale, and they have Coo Couture XL sizes for the sale: well, Luna being all skinny and all, fits her perfectly, so I lashed out at half price, and here she is: 
 You can see Luna's really proud to be wearing the new top...Claire was a bit miffed, but she'll have her turn, even if it breaks the bank...
 It's a good thing Britain is still the UK, that Union Jack looks so stylish on her :)
 A view from the other side, with the brand name Coo Couture...there was another strawberry shirt which looked good also, but this one was more sporty.
 And below, some pictures courtesy of the resident photographer...such beautiful eyes! There'll be some courtesy photos of Nobu, Claire and Luna at the Boutique for Dogs Blog in the next few days, I'm sure. 

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