Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gloopy Poop

Luna had a gloopy poop accident in the kitchen this morning, followed by throwing up all her brekkies and a water poop on the way to the vet...a first since she came over a year ago now. Fortunately it was Nobunaga's yearly booster shot day, so the vet was happy to give her a once over too. Nobu is the picture of health, Luna is only 14kg now and very anemic. He gave her a shot to stop the runs, and off we went to enjoy the winter sunshine in the dogrun.
  Luna wobbled around a bit and spent a lot of time on my lap while Claire and Nobu had some fun.
 We met Lily, who was also rescued from the jaws of death, and enjoying life with her Mum and human little ones.
 Nobunaga had a great time with a seven-month old beagle puppy Saburo, who was so friendly and cute, just wanting to play with everyone!
 Claire was after the river birds when they flew up into the mountains, running the arc of their flight across the dogrun in sweet speed adrenalin.

 Finally Luna really had enough and you could see she wanted to go home, no more sitting on Mum's lap watching the world go by, just snuggling feeling fulfilled, loved and resting on the journey home. Let's hope she's hungry for supper and keeps her food down this time.

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