Monday, January 26, 2015

In the Family

Going through boxes of photos to scan for my son's wedding event, I found this picture of Carol as a child with her dog...runs in the family, a love of dogs and cats. Those luminous eyes! I'm so glad we're alike in so many ways. Now I just have to write a book inspired by my dogs...
"The adults were looking in some horror at the beast sitting on its haunches through the woods in front of them. They saw a big furry head, a long lolloping tongue, big teeth and a matted coat, brown on top and cream-colored under the body. And an enormous tail....A lovely, warm feeling of acceptance glowed through Indalesh, smothering her fear. She approached the beast, noticing its big, diffident, reassuring brown eyes. She held out her hand. Slowly, Thumpus reached out his head and gave it a tentative lick. The last of Indalesh's fear evaporated. This was not just a wild beast. This was a wonderful being. It could love. How could they all have been so afraid of this?"

All Carol's books are currently available on demand at Amazon:
Pointers To A Spiritual Life. At 350 pages my major work.
A Way Forward for Humanity. The Spiritual Basis of the Findhorn Community.
The Chronicles of Thumpus Wumpus. A book for children and adults with lovely illustrations by Roy Chillingworth.
Tireragan – A Township on the Ross of Mull. A short study in local history with illustrations by Jackie Bradfield.
The Path to Love is the Practice of Love. A short introduction to spirituality with self-help exercises. Can also be obtained from me.
The Findhorn Community – Creating a Human Identity for the 21st Century. Also in French, German, Spanish.

Ofrendas de Amor. In Spanish. Inspirational guidance channelled from Satya Sai Baba. Also in English as part of Pointers to a Spiritual Life.

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