Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kimonos and dogs in a box

I was telling a doggie friend how I like to rescue kimonos, not just dogs, and she passed on three boxes worth of kimonos she no longer needed. I've spent the day sorting, discarding, washing, ironing, hanging out, and finally this evening donning her white silk flower komon, checking out which of my obis will go with it.
 The sash is a greyish purple Oshima obi I picked up over twenty years ago, and the obi cord is a gift from a friend. This kimono is very short for me, so I'll have to experiment with tying the kimono lower over my hipbone, not at my waist.  I've just pinned up the checkered nagajuban as the sleeves are a little short as well, I'll hem it up properly for going out. For this kind of spring pale color, the shorter sleeves aren't a problem.  Not an ounce of makeup on my face, just tired old evening me, and glowing skin thanks to Talia skincare.
Inbetween all this flurried activity I of course walked the dogs, and Claire enjoyed jumping in the empty boxes for a nap in the sun while I was about things as you can see in the picture. Below a close up of the coordinates. 

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