Thursday, February 12, 2015


 It being the perfect day for a little exploring, I took the dogs to Kinugasayama. I've been interested in going because another setter mama lives close by and always blogs fantastic walks there. CACI friends are all going to meet up and go walkies together there soon, so I wanted to get a feel for the land in advance. It was quite a spur of the moment decision. After parking at the shrine, Claire just headed up the hill from the car and off we were, running up and up and up to the top, and then off she went down the other side with us in tow, down and down, mighty exhausting holding back the dogs and jumping down the path! Finally exhausted, we ended up in a valley at the bottom, with only the next hill in sight, so I decided it was time to climb back up the hill before I got too tired. I then realized there was a perhaps more interesting path looping to some ponds, but I was just beyond anything but wanting to get home and eat lunch and rest. What was my surprise when we met Bob and Valencia coming up the hill! 
But I was too exhausted to chat, after all that hill climbing, I'll call when I come again, I said, and off I went in search of a local lunch thanks to Valencia's mum's hot tip...
Fortunately a little old gentleman I asked for help explained the last stages of reaching Wansabo, only to find it was closed on Thursdays, just like Konandai Ange...
I was pretty washed out, so made a beeline for home, more exploring and better luck next time, feeling very pleased with the basic lay of the land and confident I can find my way again :)

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