Monday, November 2, 2015

Moonbeam Fading

I've spent the best part of the day suffering from fatigue and sleeping with Luna after returning home late from St. Paul's 21st Williams Cup judging all day yesterday: great speeches, an excellent show of creative young people at work, particularly also on the part of the organizers...Meanwhile Luna's no longer wobbling around, more like staggering, but still valiantly goes out to the garden. I go with her to catch her if she collapses on the way back in.
She's turning up her pretty little anemic nose at dry food, so gets special VIP treatment, a whole pack of delicious soft food all to herself: normally reserved for topping and split between three dogs. Ordinarily it wouldn't be enough, but since she only gets up to pee and is mainly resting, it should be sufficient. Out walkies the locals are all asking after her, surprised to see the other parent with just Claire and Nobu. Thank you for all the love and prayers to ease her passing, we are blessed. 

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