Monday, November 23, 2015

Setter on Tsumugi

Come autumn I love wearing this Ohara tsumugi from the Kyoto area, the autumn leaves reds and ochres brighten even a dull day with warm rich colors. I don't remember where I bought this kimono, but I have fond memories wearing it on short breaks exploring Nikko and Kyoto with people I love, autumn, of course, and for me, each year as I wear it I relive Proustlike the experience over the years.
I vividly remember the excitement of finding this blue tie-dye tsumugi: the kids in kindergarden, and off I went with a great friend to explore her invitation to a kimono sale in Shinbashi. She was a big fan of Kihachijo, way beyond our budget, of course. Neither of us were expecting to purchase, simply to enjoy the wealth of fabrics and colors and the freedom from motherhood, only by chance I delved in and picked this kimono out of a pile of fabric rolls and was instantly smitten. Haggling desperately to bring her down to a price I could afford with the kids and education and all, I was overjoyed with my prize! Although I've worn it many times, I particularly remember donning it for a jazz live in the boonies some years back music, inspired musician friends, relaxed and happy times just letting the music lift us up and take us away. 
I couldn't be doing this with Chiaro di Luna, she was a slobbery wee sweetie, kimono fabric cutoffs are a prize to be made into cushion covers, bags, chouchous or Japanese shoe straps, ohana. I miss her sorely....
Photo of Oshima tsumugi with chirimen obi: Lelantos 

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