Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 in review

Claire wearing my beautiful new woven scarf, crafted by Tokuko Kondoh, which was a Christmas gift from a doggie friend who is a gifted artist and moves in creative circles. 
 It's been such an intense year as I look back, wedding, pregnancy, birth in the young family; academic papers to help write; the caring for, moving homes and passing of the old generation; clearing out Mum's stuff in Europe and saying goodbye; a passionate gypsy samba performed twice with teacher Kent in a dress I designed myself; professional dancing and memorable end-of-year performance with partner Ken; some fantastic photo-shoots modelling kimonos; my usual university courses to upgrade, teach and of course, grade, and then this year a special  Economics Faculty development presentation on teaching subject-matter in English under my belt; visiting loved ones in hospital; and losing Chiaro di Luna, sweet moonbeam wonder I'm feeling strung out and hysterically exhausted. Perhaps I've forgotten has been such a roller coaster ride.
 The upside of Luna passing is Claire's visible delight at a return to her usual twosome relationship with Nobunaga. She skips and trips on walkies, setting the pace and choosing the paths, finally able to do things as she pleases. 
 They're such a team, these two, respectful and generous, no need for the hustle and bustle and jostle which Luna brought into the pack with her haste to eat. Claire used to take her bit and go back to her cage to eat in peace, now, once again she can get up close to the source without feeling crowded out.
Photos by Lelantos

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