Monday, August 15, 2016


A huge shout out to CACI Gundogrescue for bringing this beautiful setter into our lives having rescued her from the pound. Right now she's in the garden getting fat snacking on cicadas after our hour-long morning walkies and a great breakfast of kibble, tofu, chopped beansprouts, grated carrot and salmon oil. She crunches up the cicadas with such relish, it makes me want to go out and buy spicy Don Tacos corn snacks. 
Five happy years...let's hope there are five more to come...Claire is our way of contributing something positive after the Tohoku disaster, since we decided to adopt her after seeing all the footage of abandoned animals needing help after 3/11. She's from Ibaragi, although she was actually abandoned just before the earthquake. I am reminded by her presence in a good way that things are not finished up north, however blessed we may be in this neck of the woods.
Photos by Lelantos

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