Saturday, August 13, 2016

Setter Ballet

 As Sherlock grows and expands in every way he seems such a changed setter, and when I have the luck to walk behind him and see him pirouette and leap with his long slim legs and supple body, so graceful and unassuming, like a natural Sergei Polunin...defying gravity, flirting with the air spirits, dancing to an aeolian harp, I feel elated and blessed, witnessing the miracle of his being.
This healing has been such a frustrating, hyper and trying process, the past three months have been so intense, ready to jump for peewees, respond to barking, soothe nerves morning, evening and night...I'm exhausted. The good news is, the peewees in the garden is finally working, the fur shedding seems to have somewhat abated, the barking is somewhat under control, and everyone's settling in to the feel of each other slowly but surely. 
Photos by Lelantos

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