Monday, May 8, 2017

Celebrating Milestones

Pictures are Nobu having a good old roll in Nasu Pension Olive woody dogrun. Always a glorious event to behold and chuckle at...but the milestone I am celebrating today is Sherlock's silence! As Claire gets older, she needs a wee rest inbetweentimes on our longer walkies, and has a tendency to stumble as she gets tired. Meanwhile Sherlock has so little patience, he barks and barks for us to hurry on, and his strident tones in your ear are enough to kick even Buddha himself out of meditation mode. 
But today, oh happy day, oh glorious day, Sherlock pottered around eating grass and never let out a peep...what bliss, to sit under the fresh cherry leaves on a carpet of grass and dandelions, enjoying the breeze and the beauty of my three setters in perfect idyllic silence. Finally one of the ultimate joys of being a setter mama is restored, lazing in nature just beaming at the green. I only hope he keeps it up.
Photos by Lelantos

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