Monday, May 29, 2017

Dog Grooming Inuya

The end of May is an expensive time for the family as we buy 7 month's worth of heartworm meds for three dogs, plus bloodwork and vetting. At the same time Nobunaga goes for his summer trimming session at Inuya、one of the few dog grooming salons that cater for big dogs. 
The owner personally grooms Nobunaga, and since he has trained with dog show groomers in the US, I know I can trust him with the setter breed. He always makes Nobunaga look superb for a very reasonable price by market standards. Thank you, Inuya!

Nobu loves being cool as the summer heat intensifies, and always comes home with a big smile, which makes the hole in my wallet worth it. 

Talking about holes in wallets, GundogRescue CACI , the pointer and setter rescue organization that saved my three setters (four if you count Chiaro di Luna) needs to renew the lease on the rescue facility in October and together with outstanding vetting fees, they need a whopping sum or face closure...please help out and donate if you can, every penny helps and every donation goes to saving English setter and pointer lives here in Japan:

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