Sunday, August 19, 2012

Italian Restaurant Marc

 A chance acquaintance at my local dog cafe, Anjin, recommended Marc, a local Italian restaurant serving delicious Kamakura vegetables and great food. He said Nobu and Claire were so well behaved, it would be fun to have a meal out with them, and Marc, while not a dog cafe, provides some space for eating out with your dogs. When I called the restaurant, it turns out they only have two tables for dogs, one seating two with a hook next to the door, which is where we sat, and a couch area with a low table for four. They won't accept large dogs, or even small dogs who bark or are restless in the restaurant, and they were on the point of politely turning us away on the phone, when I insisted that setters are not large dogs, only medium size, and talked about how a regular had recommended we go, and pleaded just how well-behaved our babies are. Well, they said, we don't really have the space, but let's give it a try, and please don't be angry if this is the one and only time you may bring your dogs. 
 Persistence pays off, Nobu and Claire managed to curl up and make themselves really small under the table, plus they were quiet as a mouse, as is their wont, and we proceeded to enjoy a delicious meal: the entree was divine, with unusual vegetables cooked quite simply, but really making the most of each individual taste and shape. There was fish dipped in corn grits and deep fried, delicious. We both fancied pizza, so we haven't tried the pasta, but the cheese was the real thing, and the basil sauce and three types of spicy oil were delish. They kindly packaged up the extra pizza we couldn't manage for us to take home.

Tosh had fish, and I had the beef, which was again very simply cooked but just right to enjoy with the flavors of all the different vegetables, and then the dessert was awesome, watermelon ice-cream to die for, the cheesecake totally like home, and they made me a gorgeous latte to go with it. There was a once a month Kamakura vegie market happening outside, so I popped out and bought some watermelon, tomatoes, blueberries, aubergines and okra...meaning ratatouille tonight, after the lunchtime meal at Marc we were so full, we only had watermelon and nectarines for supper. We were a little nervous what with all this delicious fare, and so much wanting to be able to come again with the dogs, but fortunately the owner came over to our table after the meal and said hello to our sweeties, and gave us the thumbs up for coming again: just call in advance and say the Suzuki setters, he said.

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