Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mint and Nobu

One of the great things about Dog Hotel Woof is that you get the chance to meet and make new doggie friends who love to play...particularly large dogs, which are getting to be quite uncommon here locally as everyone opts for smaller dogs. This is Mint, a German short-haired pointer rescue, having a game of tag with Nobu.
 Mint has a wonderful new family who know oodles about his breed, and give him the exercise and love he needs: he was a picture of health, shining coat and smooth muscles, an absolutely gorgeous happy dog, a pleasure to watch. His mum is smooth and muscled too, a gorgeous sportswoman who cycles, and we made friends. I really need to get more toned myself now with the autumn dancing coming up, but I'm like my setters, lazy and laid back in the home, energetic in spurts :P I love the photo below, where the specks of dirt Nobu's kicking up fly by Mint as he catches up on Nobu, stretched out, lean and flying forward, gorgeous picture by Tosh.

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