Monday, August 6, 2012


Nobu gets extra hot in the sun with that black samurai helmet of his, so he's really happy pottering around the Woof woody dog run early in the morning before the sun gets too intense.
 We've just got back from a wonderful trip to Kita Karuizawa, where we stayed at Pension Libre. They had wonderful and generous portions of excellent food, for the first time in my life I ate dragonfruit! and you can take the dogs to the bath with you and they watch while you enjoy the open air tub. The wood chip dog run is woody and has good shade, and the whole building is tiled and airy, a really pleasant place to stay. I got the hot tip from Alphonse and Birth's blog, thank you :)

During the day we would enjoyed lounging around reading books and snoozing with the dogs on the wood decks built into the hillside of the great dog run, Dog Vacation. Dog Vacation must be one of the most fun dog runs we've been in so far, with open areas at the top and lots of natural woody hillside for setters to sniff and explore. They also had an excellent cafe, where I had melted cheese on curry topped off with chopped cabbage, an unusual combination I actually found to be quite delicious. They had blood orange juice in the drink and desert set, which reminded me of my childhood, my mum used to get blood oranges saying they would give us kids extra strength. Plus the coffee jelly with icecream was divine. After three days lazing around and pigging out, with no need for walks as the dogs go wild in the dog run, I am fat and flabby and feeling so heavy in my dance shoes...time to get back to everyday life with the dogs, a good long morning walk and exercise in the kitchen :)

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